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Aloha and welcome to my web site.

Before I begin a treatment, I take the opportunity to ask each guest what it is that attracted them to the Body of Bliss. Eight out of ten tell me they are avid spa goer’s and have had every kind of massage and facial under the sun. They’re looking for something new and different.

They’re looking for a way to relax, unwind and leave their cares and worries behind. With a Body of Bliss treatment they get exactly that and so much more. It takes care of the mind, body and spirit. In fact, our guests have been so impressed with this treatment that it's quite often the first thing they'll book upon returning to the hotel. They know it can relieve their stress, calm their nerves and soothe their overworked mind and muscles. Although many come primarily for relaxation and stress relief, once they've had the opportunity to experience an inner journey as well, they discover an even deeper dimension of well-being. Some cry tears of joy, some giggle with delight, some simply enjoy the deep level of relaxation. On some level, all are transformed. Renewed and rejuvenated they are ready to step back into their daily lives with a refreshed and revitalized perspective. Wouldn't you like to provide a service of that magnitude for your guests?

I was a Hollywood makeup artist for 20 years and have worked with some of the most beautiful and famous faces in the world. I know how to give “star treatment” and created the Body of Bliss specifically with that in mind. It is an exquisite, luxurious and at the same time awe-inspiring experience.

Spa directors are extremely busy and with that in mind I have abbreviated my testimonials and included a portion of those on this page that I think best pertain to your needs and desires. There are more from this list that are available here. I have also placed some of the more esoteric testimonials on the Seminars & Training page if you would like to explore further. All these testimonials are from our guests and I have many more besides these.

Are you a visionary spa director? Are you ready to share something new and exciting with your guests who are eager to explore the deeper realms of holistic well-being for the body, mind and spirit? If so, please consider bringing me to your spa, retreat or wellness center for a week and see how your guests respond to this kind of treatment. If it would be a beneficial addition to your menu of services we can consider training a few of your massage therapists and/or estheticians.

Please enjoy my testimonials.

Mahalo and aloha, Sundari Sundari's Resume

“The Body of Bliss is an excursion into ecstasy. I recommend it enthusiastically!!”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Best-selling Author and Speaker

“I have experienced shirodhara in the US and in India. Your work goes far beyond that. The combination of energy work with the traditional oil drip frees the mind to travel on the border of waking consciousness and find just what it needs. I enjoyed the treatment greatly and highly recommend it.”

Andrew Weil, MD
Best-selling Author and Speaker

“Unbelievable! This is the most amazing treatment I have ever had. You are truly blessed with a talent which allows the body and soul to escape to a different world. I enjoyed meeting you and hope I can help you bring this incredible experience to more of our spas!”

Megan Weber
Corporate Director of Retail, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, LLC

“You have a gift! My Body of Bliss treatment was amazing - thank you for your healing touch and magical energy. I look forward to sharing your gift with others.”

Michelle Gamble

“Thank you for providing a service that is unparalleled. I’m relaxed for the first time in years! The Body of Bliss is an incredible, euphoric experience. My highest recommendation!“

Allison Dubois

“I have traveled the world and visited spa after spa and this treatment was by far the best experience I have ever had.”

Ronda Coallier
Expert and Trainer for Dr. John Gray
"Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution"

“My husband and I have never visited same hotel twice but we’ll be back to the Ritz just for your treatment!”

Anita Schorr, Chicago

“I am a very busy executive who is an AAA-type personality who feels I have been transformed to a new beginning of mind, body and soul.”

Brad Kingsley, La Costa, CA

“Such an incredibly relaxing, ‘in the moment’ experience. One of the best spa treatments I have ever had.”

Jim S., Denver, Co.

“I went to a place that I did not want to leave. I felt at a level that I had never been before in my whole life! Thank you for a once in a lifetime feeling.”

Darran Lyons, Dallas, TX.

“Words cannot do justice to the way I feel. I have never felt so relaxed, and yet, so alive, awake, refreshed! I feel as though my body and mind have been cleansed from the inside out...completely! I’ve had massages for years, and they’ve been wonderful, but the gift I’ve experienced today goes far, far beyond a massage.”

Kathy Tippings

“I have had many spa treatments in my adult life, however there are no words to actually describe the sensation and spiritual love one receives from ‘Body of Bliss’. Everyone should be given the opportunity to experience this life changing treatment.”

Robin B. Deng, DDS, Honolulu, HI

“The deepest and most valued words could not explain what has happened with my being today. The treatment that I received from you took me on a journey that my most precious dreams could not have expected. Soaring through mountains flying on the wings of a bird, through the stars and rocking on the gentle waves, then returning back home to the body I started it all off in. I give you much thanks and love.”

Spa trainer for Kerstin Florian

“Thank you for bringing me to a state and to another place I will never forget. Your Body of Bliss experience is like an accelerated "shedding" of burdens and all sense of time - a rare experience that could open up so many possibilities in mind-body healing. I wish this experience to all those in need of such amazing loving touch and safety.”

Kat James,

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