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About The Body Of Bliss Treatment

The process of returning to our natural state of wholeness is available to everyone. The Body of Bliss treatment is one of the ways in which it is possible to experience this state. Through the balancing of brain energies, a neuro-biological event can be triggered that inspires the soul to receive deep states of self-awareness, illumination and peace. From that point it can blossom in the heart, creating exquisite feelings of bliss, surrender, happiness, joy and well-being.

For as long as I can remember, it has been my heart’s desire to make a conscious contribution towards the creation of heaven-on-earth. And I sincerely believe that through the Body of Bliss treatment I have achieved my goal.

Body of Bliss is a sublime combination of massage, shirodhara and energetic healing work that can produce deep and profound results. Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy, part of the holistic healing system of India. Once reserved exclusively for royalty, this subtle yet powerful rejuvenating treatment restores an inner calm to the mind, body and spirit. Stress melts away as the luxurious flow of sacred oils and unguents create a feeling of serenity, tranquility and deep inner peace. An ancient antidote for modern day stress, I often refer to it as “A MASSAGE FOR YOUR MIND”.

During the Body of Bliss treatment, your mind and body become so relaxed and receptive that you and I can connect on a deep soul level. I create and hold a sacred space for you to explore your innermost self, to take a journey to the deepest recesses of your magnificent, beautiful being. I then use a powerful energetic technique that pulls imbalance, dysfunction and stress out of the body, replacing it with nurturing relaxation, peace of mind, emotional and spiritual healing. The mind is lulled into a state of serenity and expanded consciousness. Emotions are released, clarity is achieved, balance is restored.

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