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About Sundari

Sheri's soul was making its way back to Asia...to Tibet or China or India, she hadn’t decided yet. Then suddenly and without warning, her soul ran out of gas. She crash landed in New Jersey, where she spent the next 23 years trying to figure out what the heck was she doing there.

As a young adult, she attended Parsons School of Design in New York City. It seemed to be the perfect opportunity to follow her passion; working with people, places and things, inspiring and transforming them to their highest level of beauty and order.

As fate would have it, a movie of mythic proportions would in turn transform her, sending her off into a different direction. “STAR WARS” was something new and different and when she saw the impact that such a film could have on the consciousness of humanity, she knew the movie business was where she would be headed next.

Her new career as a Hollywood makeup artist presented many opportunities for travel to exotic locations, where she was privileged to receive the wisdom and grace of many masters of meditation and healing. It was during her time in India that she fell in love with shirodhara, an ancient Ayurvedic healing therapy. There she received her initiation and was given a new name, Sundari.

Hollywood, the mecca of external beauty, taught her that the body alone holds little meaning without the spark of inner beauty. “For 20 years I painted masks onto people, now I assist them in removing their masks, revealing to them the depth and beauty of their own sweet soul.”

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