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“You have a gift that transcends anything that words can describe. Body of Bliss is what every person on earth should have the experience of receiving by such a spirit-filled soul. Your love, light and purity could restore and heal all of humanity!”

Lorraine Stringer, CA

“You have facilitated a journey into ME and helped me to reconnect with what is real and important.”

Lisa Marie Mallory

“The Body of Bliss was truly an out of body experience - I literally felt like I was in another place - I don’t think I have EVER felt this relaxed and invigorated before."

Katie B.

“’Thanks’ is a word that only starts to describe my experience. I can’t find the one that begins to express my gratitude.”

Colleen ‘05

“Incredible. I can hardly write I am so relaxed and full of love.“

Marsha K. Masood

“’Body of Bliss’ took me through this year again, in a peaceful, forgiving way, allowing me to grieve for my lost self and to celebrate my return to my true self. An 80 minute journey that went by in a flash and left me thankful, though in a highly emotional state, thankful that I can feel again.”

T N-W, Los Angeles, CA

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to heal my body and soul after my miscarriage. You will be in my thoughts and prayers to continue your work for many years to come! So many people will benefit from you!”

Jennifer Young,
Pittsburgh, PA

“Truly Amazing! I can’t begin to tell you the wonderful experience I had. You took me to a level that was amazing! Your energy was felt through the entire body! Thank you so much for a LIFE experience!”

 Michael Fagin
Ritz-Carlton, Las Vegas, NV

“I floated - experienced an assortment of tingling and waves of contentment - very unusual treatment - truly healing - I wish I could have had this treatment last year during a very difficult year of transition (loss of parents, moving, changing careers) You have a gift of healing - thank you for sharing it.”

Patricia Steinmann

“Thank you for this incredible feeling of glowing sunshine that is radiating out of my inner core. You know what I have to deal with and I really needed the additional spiritual healing that I have now...hope, healing and love.”

Derrell McShelliam

“Sundari’s loving energy flowed through my heart, head, body and soul. And I continue to feel her radiant light energy permeate throughout me. This is a definite must for everyone! I loved it and I’ll be back again!“

Kelimia Mednick, Oahu, HI

“It was absolutely amazing. I didn’t know what to expect, as far as how I would be affected by it physically and emotionally. I found myself to be light and free in my mind and heart. All my tension drifted away and I realized that I could just focus on myself and not feel guilty about it. Afterward, my usual jaw tension was gone. I haven’t felt this comfortable within myself ever. I could see myself coming in for treatment as a seasonal tune up. Sort of a personal and spiritual maintenance that I would love to be a part of my life."

Jan Ventura, Oahu, HI

“The day I met Sundari and received the Body of Bliss treatment was the luckiest day of my life! I was able to reach a state of relaxation deeper than I have ever experienced - my body felt as if it were floating on a raft at sea, my mind imagined a rebirth. The writer’s block I had been experiencing was lifted and I am back in touch with my creative being, at full potential. Excitement about new projects and business ventures has returned. The Body of Bliss treatment truly changed my life!”

Ann McCarty

“I was weightless. My back pain from scoliosis was gone.“

Melinda Dixon

“The ONLY reason I will be returning next December is YOU!! Your treatments have made me a brand new person! I hope the Ritz appreciates what they have...I will be letting them know.”

Anne Sullivan

“Thank you for the experience of pure relaxation - floating through time. I was able to release everything from my mind and enter into another realm."

Sara 8/11/04

“I had a very deep soul-cleansing experience. Thank you for this amazing experience and healing.”

Jan Tuttleman

“I came here with the weight of the world on my shoulders and in my head. Your spiritual healing lifted the heaviness and set me free. Thank you for unlocking the door and allowing me to think more clearly.”

Colleen, New Orleans, LA

“I have been on a whirlwind of emotions and anxiety since my wedding. Your treatment was a spiritual journey of hope, happiness and openness. I was whisked away to many places and let my worries go away. I also have claustrophobia and your treatment took me into a tiny space that widened into an endless room. I have tears in my eyes as I write in your book because I feel such a release of emotions and tension. Your work is an inspiration and I am thrilled you were able to share it with me.”

Melissa Hall, Boston, MA

“Today you transported me into a peaceful, serene place inside myself that I am rarely allowed to go within my pressured, hectic lifestyle.”

Madana Peatross
Creative Cuisine

“Sundari has given me and countless others the ability to grow into a place and state of new consciousness. She has chosen her path well, she is here to allow and guide us back to re-connect with our inner light. May her goodness and the blessings she has given us continue to lighten the paths of others for and through the ripples of time. Mahalo Sundari for the beautiful experience and for helping me to re-connect and realize what I have to give.”

Francine Fisher

“This was like the most decadent dessert we have ever had. My wife Rachel and I have never been pampered so much. Thank you for the out of body experience.”

Bill and Rachel Henschell

“I don’t even know how to explain what it felt like. It was as if a heavy load of emotion/negative energy was drawn out of the top of my head. It feels like nothing I have ever experienced or felt. I feel relieved and released. I have had so many emotional struggles in the last year that I think the two treatments I did with you has done wonders for me and will also help me in my pregnancy. Thank you so very much.”


“Thank you for opening the door for me to a new and peaceful journey. This was a very freeing experience. I came a long way and needed just a little help to move into the next phase of my life. I am so grateful to have had this experience.”

Frances Diane

“What an incredible experience. I have never been more relaxed. It’s as if I’m starting over. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.”


“Thank you for such a caring and moving indulgence. From the first moment it was as though my heart was being carefully tended to, not just my tired muscles and overactive mind. Instinct took over, fostering complete trust in you, allowing me to fully fall into the experience, letting you hold my heart in your hands and allow time to rest, time to be grateful and time to gather strength."

Lauren, NYC, NY 10/05

“Mine was a journey through different levels of reality and spirituality. Exciting and stimulating throughout the core of my being. Deeper and deeper to my inner self. Thank you for taking me safely home.”

Kellie Armstrong, Houston Oct. ‘05

“My road to recovery has been a very bumpy one. I have suffered my whole life with depression and addiction. I have also been blessed with an openness and love that seems to come from another place. You helped me to find that place today. Your work was amazing and the messages I received I know I will carry with me always. My heart feels more open, my mind more stable and I am so blessed to have met you. Thank you for your gift and thank you for showing me mine.”

Brian, Los Angeles, CA

“I came to receive and I did. The gift you have is so very special. My most pronounced experience was a childhood memory that happened when I was 5 years old. This memory was transformed to where I was not abandoned - but held tightly by my father - happy and anxious to find me.”

Anne Sullivan

“There is no doubt in my mind that you have a special gift, the ability to open a path to reconnect the body, mind and soul.”

Sandi Applebaum

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